Hi, I am Ashley Regan!

Welcome to Rae of Light Photography! Named that way because my middle name is Rae. Please allow me this time to tell you about myself. I grew up in a very small town called Colesburg, Iowa. I moved to Dubuque in 2005 for college. In 2008 I stepped way out of my comfort zone and moved to Hollywood, California. However, I only lasted there for a short time. It just wasn't for me. I do still have some really great friends out there though!

​I shoot on location. I will one day have my own studio, but I do not right now. I currently live in Dubuque again, but this time I live with my own family! My husband and I have quite the full house! A know-it-all 14 year old, a laid-back but sassy 8 year old, and a 2 year old who one day thinks he's a dinosaur and the next a Ninja Turtle. Oh, and not to mention we also have two cats, a Siamese (Owen) and a black cat (Maizie), and two dogs, a Golden Retriever (Roman) and a beagle (Bayley). 



“Ashley is amazing with kids!! We had a blast working with her today and very much so looking forward to seeing the pictures! Cant wait until next time!”


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