Hi, I am Ashley Regan!

Welcome to Rae of Light Photography! Named that way because my middle name is Rae. Please allow me this time to tell you about myself. I grew up in a very small town called Colesburg, Iowa. I moved to Dubuque in 2005 for college. In 2008 I stepped way out of my comfort zone and moved to Hollywood, California. However, I only lasted there for a short time. It just wasn't for me. I do still have some really great friends out there though!

​I shoot on location. My family and I just recently relocated from Dubuque to Epworth, Iowa. My husband and I have quite the full house! A know-it-all 16 year old, a laid-back but sassy 10 year old, and a 4 year old who one day thinks he's a dinosaur and the next a Ninja Turtle. All boys! Oh, and not to mention we also have four cats, a Siamese (Owen) and a black cat (Daisy), a Tabby cat (Astro) and an orange Tabby cat (Blaze), and two dogs, a Golden Retriever (Roman) and a beagle (Bayley). 

My husband, Tony, and I in Las Vegas.

My husband, Tony, and I in Las Vegas!



“We really enjoyed Rae of Light Photography capturing our amazing day! Ashley was great to work with and it was nice with another photographer there to make sure all the special moments were captured! We gave her some inspiration photos and she was able to capture them beautifully while also coming up with some ideas on her own! It was such a great day and a wonderful experience”

—Jackson & Ashley Shulz

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